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Cobras Rep Baseball Program

Principles of All Star Baseball

All-Star baseball is, by its nature, more competitive than House League.  The competition against other communities and amongst players for a spot on the roster can be, at times, very intense.  We believe that a healthy competition is good for both the individual and the team.  It inspires top performance and, in the appropriate enviroment, will allow the player to thrive on rising to the level of competition required and will test their skills against the very best players.

While we encourage fostering a winning attitude, winning is one of several goals to be pursued.  Others, no less important, include: developing skills and talents; having fun; learning more about the game of baseball; learning to be a gracious athlete, win or lose; and developing a "TEAM" approach, which players can take into their adult careers.

Teams are made up of a wide range of individuals with differing capabilities and talents.  Each was selected for the team because of a particular contribution which he/she can make to the team.  All players deserve the chance to become as good as they can be.  This does not mean that all players must or will receive equal playing time.  It does mean that playing time for all players should be fair to the team and fair to the individual player.

GAME NIGHTS: 1 home game per week and 1 away game per week. Game nights are Monday thru Thursday. 

PRACTICE NIGHT:  2 practices per week (a field practice and a batting cage practice). Team coaches will determine days and times which will be the same every week.

TOURNAMENTS:  Our teams will enter 3-4 tournament per season with the hope of qualifying for an additional tournament (OBA's which concludes the season on Labour day weekend).

Terry Resney

Terry Resney

Director - Rep Program

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Rep Coaches

We are pleased to announce the Rep Coaches for the 2020 Season:

8U (Minor Rookie): Joel Labute
9U (Major Rookie): Sal Florio
10U (Minor Mosquito): Terry Resney
11U (Major Mosquito): OPEN
12U (Minor Peewee): Mike Butt
13U (Major Peewee): OPEN
Head Coach Application

The Registration "Rep Baseball Program" is not currently available.

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Rep Tryouts


SCMBA invites all players passionate about baseball to attend our open tryouts this September for the St. Catharines 2020 Cobras Rep teams.

Tryouts will be held  on the following dates:

  • September 21, 22
  • September 28, 29

All tryouts will be held at Joe McCaffery Park at the times and fields indicated on the try-out schedule file on this page.

We currently do not have coaches for the Major Peewee and Major Mosquito age groups. This will be a determining factor in whether the SCMBA will run a team in 2020. 


Tryout Registration
Tryout Registration for 2020 teams will be done at the park during the tryout dates.

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Player Registration

The Registration "Rep Baseball Program" is not currently available.

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Niagara District Baseball


Rep Baseball at the Bantam (14-15) & Midget (16-18) Divisions is run as a Niagara District (Regional) Program.

For the 2020 there will be the following teams:
18U Elite (EBLO) Team
16U Elite (EBLO) Team
15U Elite (EBLO) Team
14U District (COBA) Team

The Niagara District also runs teams at 13U & 12U.

Watch for updates. 

NDBA Tryout Information

12U (Minor Peewee)
September 10 at 6pm at Oakes Park 2 | Niagara Falls
September 11 at 6pm at Oakes Park 2 |  Niagara Falls
September 14 at 10am at Oakes Park 2 | Niagara Falls

13U (Major Peewee)
September 9 at 6pm at Oakes Park 2  | Niagara Falls
September 12 at 6pm at Oakes Park 2 | Niagara Falls
September 13 at 6pm at Oakes Park 2| Niagara Falls

14U (Minor Bantam)
September 12 at 6pm at Oakes Park 1 | Niagara Falls
September 14 at 12 noon at Oakes Park 1 | Niagara Falls
September 15 at 3pm at Oakes Park 1 | Niagara Falls

All players must register to tryout via the website!



2013 10U (Minor Mosquito) "AA"

2012 9U (Major Rookie) "AA"

2006 Junior "B"

1999 Bantam "AA"

1998 Junior "B"




2019 11U Finalists

2019 13U Champions