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AGE GROUP:            5 & 6 years old

PARK LOCATION:    Merritton Community Park #2 & #4

2020 REGISTRATION COST: Early Bird - $100, Regular - $125

GAME NIGHT:             Tuesdays and Thursdays  6-7pm (possibly 1/2 hour earlier and later if more field time is needed). Schedules are determined after April 31st.

DESCRIPTION:     For Coach Pitch, SCMBA has adopted the Baseball Canada program of Rally Cap which provides games and practicing happening at the same time. Three teams will be on the field (One will bat, one will field and one will work on skills in the outfield). Teams will rotate every 20 min. Drills and skill development can be found in the link provided (white and grey cap skills for this level). Teams will consist of 6-8 players for maximum repetition and development. The players at this level will be developing towards:

Fundamentals Movement Skills: Balance - Stay in pitching position for 5 seconds (1 leg balance with knee up)

Throwing: Able to throw 6/10 balls to a partner/target from 10 feet

Receiving: Able to field 6/10 ground balls from 15 feet

Hitting: Able to hit 6/10 fair balls off a tee

Base running: Able to hit off a tee and run through 1st base

Link -> For more on the Rally Cap program, check out the Baseball Canada website.


  • Gloves are required.
  • Batting helmets (with a face mask) are required.
  • Athletic supports are not required, but are recommended.
  • Long pants are recommended.
  • Uniforms & hats are provided.


  • Rules & Objectives
  • Equipment
  • Field Set-up

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A Very BIG Thank You to our Divisional Sponsor!!

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